The founding of Shumaker Industries is one of those all American success stories.

Roy Shumaker spent World War II welding in the Baltimore shipyards. After being discharged from the Navy he worked for his stepbrother building underground storage tanks. A friend had some ready mixed concrete drums that needed repaired, but Roy’s stepbrother was not interested in doing this as part of his business, so Roy agreed to do the work on his own time in the evenings or on weekends. After repairing several of these drums over a few years, Roy realized that there might be a market for this service.

In January 1953 Roy and Jean Shumaker took a step of faith, moved to Northumberland, PA and founded Norry Welding Company. Norry Welding Company specialized in rebuilding concrete mixer drums in the Mid Atlantic region and was the first company to specialize in fabricating drums for all makes & models of mixers. In addition to drums, chutes, hoppers, water tanks and other mixer parts were added to the product line.

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