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Professional drivers of ready-mix trucks know the importance of cleaning their concrete mixing trucks efficiently and safely after the job. Neglect the proper hose-down of your concrete mixer and you’ll be facing the hard labor of using a chipping hammer.

Yet even a proper truck wash requires the driver to get in and out of the cab, risking his or her safety while maneuvering through wet surfaces and climbing the concrete mixer.

Safe, Effective Concrete Mixing Truck Cleaners

The wash-down process is statistically the most dangerous part of a mixer driver’s job. Exiting the cab to hose down the shoot, then climbing a wet ladder to clean out the concrete mixer hopper is not only dangerous but it’s also time-consuming.

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Shumaker Industries has a safer, effective method for cleaning ready-mix concrete trucks. The company, known for manufacturing heavy-duty replacement central mix drums, has automated the wash-down process with its Load & Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash™.

Fleet Wash Systems and Supplies

The Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash® is an automated drive-through concrete truck wash system that is highly specialized to thoroughly clean the entire mixer in 45-60 seconds, using around 35 gallons of water. The high-pressure wash system eliminates the need for the driver to exit the cab to wash the mixer. It also reduces the need for dangerous ready-mix concrete-removal chemicals.

The ready mixer truck wash system uses a series of electric eyes and lasers to track the mixer truck as it’s pulled through the wash rack. Traffic-light signals help guide the driver of the ready-mix truck to maneuver it into the right spot. A computer-controlled system activates the wash system when the ready-mix concrete truck is in its proper position.

Roger Oldach, plant manager at Ernst Concrete, said the Load and Go can reduce a 10- to 15-minute commercial truck wash process down to a 1- to 2-minute process. He said the ready-mix truck wash system has reduced load time dramatically.

High-Efficiency Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck Spray System

The Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash® uses high-pressure nozzles that deliver 1,200 PSI water jets to the mixer truck. The ready-mix concrete truck wash system removes ready-mix concrete left on drums, hopper, chutes, and discharge blades.

While the driver remains inside the cab of the truck, the Load and Go can clean from the gearbox to the back of the truck in 30 seconds (on a rear discharge mixer) and the entire mixer in less than one minute (front or rear discharge).

Concrete Mixing Truck Wash Needs

Shumaker Industries is America’s oldest manufacturer of quality ready-mix concrete drums. In addition to the innovative Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash System®, the Pennsylvania company manufactures replacement central mix drums, blades, silos, and custom mixing systems. Learn more about The Load and Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash® by downloading our informational brochure.